Open4AdBlocking does NOT recommend or sell any products.

The Open4AdBlocking knowledge directories (knowledge is defined as information that helps you take a right action) are comprised of innovative AdBlocking products that we think are worth knowing about. There is no cost to a manufacturer for being included in a directory. We do expose products that provide deliberately misleading information as scams.

Each product in our directory includes a summary taken from the manufacturers web site. The product name is linked directly to an appropriate page (we test for scams and authentic web addresses) on the manufacturers web site. Where possible we publish an expert opinion on the product and include edited/validated reader comments.

Directory of Internet AdBlockers

Open4AdBlocking publishes a directory of Internet AdBlocking scams. The word scam (link is to Wiktionary) is used by Open4AdBlocking to describe a product that makes unreasonable or misleading claims about its capabilities to block Internet advertising. Each product included in the scam directory is linked to a page explaining the basis of our opinion. We do ask that readers with personal experience of these products Contact us to share their experiences.

Directory of Internet AdBlocker Scams (under construction)

Open4AdBlocking invites selected manufacturers to advertise on our pages. We trust that considered adverts which are contextually relevant, unobtrusive and for interesting products are valued by our readers.

Please Contact us to share your experience with any AdBlocker or AdBlocking or anti AdBlocker you have installed!

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